Best Leila Review: Netflix TV Series (2019) | Leila Season 1 & Leila Season 2

Leila (2019) released on Netflix, an Indian dystopian drama series (Leila review) web directed by Deepa Mehta, Shanker Raman, and Pawan Kumar.

The Netflix web series Leila review supported the eponymous Leila (2017) novel by Prayaag Akbar (Leila Movie 2017). This Leila season 1 and Leila season 2 review takes account from various angles and compares various other shows.

Leila follows the story of Shalini, who tries to seek out her missing daughter during a totalitarian regime within the near future.

Written by Urmi Juvekar, it stars Huma Qureshi, Siddharth, Rahul Khanna, Sanjay Suri, and Arif Zakaria.

Source: Netflix

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Leila Launch date:-

Leila web series teaser was launched on 8 March.

The 6 episode series of Leila season 1 was premiered on 14 June 2019 on Netflix.

It is an online web-series on Hindu mythology.

Leila Review and Ratings:-

Leila Ratings – 4 out of 5

Even on Quora and IMDB, the general public is loving Netflix TV seriesLeila. Providing their Leila Review.

Critics review for Leila season 1 with 6 episodes.

Leila Cast:-

Huma Qureshi as Shalini 
Siddharth as Bhanu   
Seema Biswas as Madhu   
Rahul Khanna as Rizwan Chaudhary 
Prasanna Soni                as Ashish   
Sanjay Suri as Joshiji 
Leysha Mangeas Leila
Arif Zakaria as Guru Ma 
Ashwath Bhatt as Mr. Dixit 
Indu Sharma    as Mrs. Dixit
Pallavi Batra as Kanika 
Anupam Bhattacharya as Mohan 
Akash Khuranaas Mr. Rao 
Jagjeet Sandhu    as Rakesh 
Neha Mahajan as Pooja 

Leila Netflix:-

Source: Netflix

Leila is 16+ web series.

During a near-future world where an dictatorial regime divides the society, one woman tries to bypass the system to seem for the daughter which was taken from her years ago.

The Leila shooting location isn’t known yet. 

Leila Review – Netflix TV Series:-

Horrors both real and imagined attract in Leila, Netflix’s latest Indian original series that was released on Friday.

The Difference of Prayaag Akbar’s novel of the same name has been directed by Deepa Mehta, Shanker Raman, and Pawan Kumar.

Leila is set in the Late 2040s in India that is now known as Aryavarta.

Is Leila Original Story?

No, Leila is based on a fictitious novel by Prayag Akbar.

The totalitarian nation-state is headed by Joshi (Sanjay Suri), a semi-divine figure who lords over the populace through holograms, photographs and statues.

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Leila Season 1 and Leila Review:-

Courtesy: Netflix

Leila web series has 6 episodes in Leila season 1.

The social order has broken down following severe air pollution and rampant water shortages. The lines that divide caste and religion have taken literal form.

Each community has its own sector, which is separated from the others by tall walls. The emphasis is on purity, and intermingling between communities is penalized.

Transgressors are cut off from their families and sent to facilities where they are given uniforms and re-schooled within the new ways of the new world

“Mera Janam hi, Mera Karma hai” – my birth determines, my fate – shalini in Leila tv series

Shalini (Huma Qureshi) is one such transgressor, having committed the crime of marrying a Muslim, Rizwan (Rahul Khanna).

They have a baby together, Leila, who has been separated from Shalini.

Over the course of 6 episodes, Shalini tries many attempts to locate her daughter, dodging over surveillance systems, thwarting thugs, and also uncovering a political conspiracy along the way.

Writers | Leila review:

Urmi Juvekar, Suhani Kanwar, and Patrick Graham make some significant changes to the source material.

While Prayaag Akbar’s slow-burn narrative story was mostly driven by Shalini’s own thoughts, the series functions as a thriller, with elements of conspiracy.

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The timelines have been advanced – Shalini is younger in the series – and new characters introduced.

These include Bhanu (Siddharth), Shalini’s state-appointed minder, Madhu (Seema Biswas), a fellow inmate who helps Shalini in her quest, and Dixit (Ashwath Bhatt), an architect who is spearheading a crucial project for Aryavarta.

leila review
Courtesy: Netflix

The organization that governs Aryavarta, and enforces its will through a thuggish group of security personnel known as Repeaters, is more sharply defined on the screen than on the pages of Akbar’s novel.

In its muscular insistence on purity, archaic values, and social hierarchies, Aryavarta resembles state travel by Hindutva extremists.

Although Leila is set in the distant future, there are unmistakable allusions to this.

Dissenters are branded as traitors, intellectuals are attacked and the Repeaters have unchecked powers.

The supposedly liberal elite also are available for criticism – though they speak of egalitarianism, they treat their domestic help with disdain.

Comparison with American Series

If we compare with the American series, The Handmaid’s Tale which has consistently followed Leila, partly because the dictatorial future has imagined in both the narratives disproportionately towards suppressed women.

Leila review

Echoes of the Hulu series supported on Margaret Atwood’s 1985 novel are loudest in Leila’s early episodes when Shalini is confined to a purification camp along with other women who have broken Aryavarta’s rules.

The Maroon Sari-clad women spend their days doing menial tasks and are made to undergo sadistic rituals that include rolling over plates of half-eaten food.

The blue-tinted cinematography by Johan Heurlin Aidt adds to the texture. But that’s where the similarities end.

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Reality On Ground News in India:

*A man in Jharkhand died after he was thrashed by a mob on suspicions of theft and forced to chant “Jai Shri Ram”, “Jai Hanuman when they discovered he was Muslim.
Consistent with India Today, he was held for 18 hours by the gathering.

 * An activist in Tamil Nadu was beaten to death for objecting to a neighbor storing large quantities of water unmindful of the remainder of the locality.
Elsewhere in the state, a lady was stabbed in a clash over a water sump.

Leila season 2

*  Right-wing organizations in Dehradun, Uttarakhand, announced a boycott of all Muslim artistes in Hindu religious functions.
They pledged to henceforth “promote Hindu artistes”, by the Times of India report.

 * In Maharashtra, a Dalit boy was beaten up, stripped and made need to sit on hot tiles as punishment for entering a temple space.                                Meanwhile, in a parched Uttar Pradesh district, water tankers are being sent only to upper-caste settlements where lathi-wielding men are preventing Dalits from approaching water pumps.

 * A Muslim man was killed by the so called Hindutva authorities and his Hindu wife tortured as a punishment for marrying to him.
Their only child is rumored to have been sent to a camp where organs are harvested from the offspring of inter-community marriages.

Conclusion Leila Season 1 | Leila review:

Source: Netflix

That final snippet of Leila review season 1, authentic as it sounds, could even be precise of the Netflix series Leila, a fictional work set in hypothetical land. The remainders are all actual incidents reported from across India in the past month.

In a country where today’s hyperbole mirrors tomorrow’s reality though, “dystopian” is an inadequate adjective for the story of that last-mentioned Hindu-Muslim couple who are at the middle-heart of Leila, which is now streaming online.

The series deserves credit for daring to carry up a mirror to contemporary Indian society and warning that the same resembles brand of intolerance and exclusion might be round the corner if our worst impulses remain unchecked.

However, the dystopia suggested by the Leila tv series isn’t always convincing to people.

The series shows too many tackles – surveillance, hyper-segregation, social hierarchies, dictatorship, authoritarianism, pollution, a water supply crisis – exploring in the depth of this fiction Leila tv series.

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Prayaag Akbar’s Novel – Leila (2017) | Leila Movie 2017


Based on Prayaag Akbar’s, Leila movie 2017 English novel of the equivalent name, Leila has been written for the screen – in a smooth blend of Hindi and English – by Urmi Juvekar with Suhani Kanwar and Patrick Graham.

  • It revolves around Shalini Rizwan Chowdhury nee Pathak, an upper-caste Hindu who married Rizwan, a Muslim before segregation was rigidly enforced during the reign of the despotic Joshiji.

Ways Leila is different from Prayag Akbar book:-

  • Leila’s Kidnapping
  • Shalini’s Escape From Aryavarta
  • Bhanu and the Rebel Army
  • Shalini’s Time at the Purity Camp
  • Symbolism and Socio-Political Undertones

Leila Tv series Season 2 | Leila Review:-


More and more foreign-language TV shows and movies have been arriving on Netflix, bringing a mess of fresh voices and stories to the table, and giving the Western TV landscape a much-needed makeover – and now we have another one to sink our teeth into.

Leila, an Indian dystopian drama which has drawn strong comparisons to The Handmaid’s Tale, has not long landed and is already creating quite a stir.

The narrative follows Shalini, a lady who is on a mission to find her missing daughter. But what is already a mammoth challenge is formed even more difficult by the authoritarian regime in which she lives.

6 episodes of Leila Tv series 2019 (Leaila Season 1 and Leila Season 2) are currently available to stream on the Netflix, but would this dystopian series able to return for season 2? Here’s everything you’d wish to know.

The second chapter has been confirmed by Netflix, but we’ll confirm to stay you in the loop and pop that premiere date right here for you if it gets one.

Leila Tv series | Leila Season 2:-


Deepa Mehta’s show on Netflix, Leila, based on Prayaag Akbar’s novel, has got some good and bad reviews from critics.

But they appear to possess overlooked certain problems in the six-part series.

The show is bold in its political imagery, considering it’s getting aired at a time when we have just witnessed the return of right-wing hegemony. But, where it lacks the simple yet difficult art of storytelling.

The portrayal of the characters is usually inconsistent and the cold inky fascist empire a bit too make-believe.

Movie Ratings: | Leila review  


The story, symbolically, unfolds 100 years after India’s independence in 2047.

India doesn’t exist anymore. Instead, we have Aryavarta, a new fascist country just three years old.

The father of the nation is no more Mahatma Gandhi, it’s a younger suit-boot walk leader, Mr. Joshi.

The symbolism in the show is sufficient to conclude it’s predominantly a Hindu Rashtra. The geographical expanse of the country is not disclosed, but it’s definitely not as big as India of today.

Water is scarce and too-tall-to-climb walls divide the rich and the poor. Those living in slums are called Doosh; safe to assume they are the lower caste.

The rich and the bourgeois are upper-caste Hindus. Even though the show begins with the killing of a Muslim man, we don’t know enough about the community.


Conclusion Leila Season 2:-

In the final paragraph of the novel, Shalini is standing outside the building and staring up at the girl she thinks is Leila.

Shalini seems like the girl is calling out to her but as her fragility becomes more evident, we’re no longer sure if she’s hallucinating or not. 

Netflix’s Shalini finds herself in the midst of a potential act of terrorism that she herself is orchestrating.

As she faces the one and only Joshi Ji and is abandoned by her daughter simultaneously, she is struck by a grave dilemma — the solution to which we never find out.

So now you understood what is the ending of Leila Season 1 and Leila Season 2.

This was our Leila review.

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