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All episodes or parts of Money Heist Season 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 are here. Download Money Heist Season 1 torrent magnet Hindi part 5 episodes HD below. Read Full Review and Comment…

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MONEY HEIST SEASON 1 | Money Heist Review

Money Heist season 1 download web series shows a group of uncommon gang robbers who makes an attempt to hold out a most excellent theft in Spanish history – stealing a pair of 4 billion euros from the Royal Mint of a European nation. According to the professor’s setup, they hold up within the royal mint bank with the other 67 hostages, If it succeeds they’re going to kick off with a pair of 4 billion euros, within the initial look of this theft gang.

But the fact is we have a tendency to assume that they’re robbers. however, when this story goes on the downline slowly, they’re going to really become heroes. There are some things in this money heist web series where you feel like cry.

Police folks (especially Inspector Raquel) had done several things to require them down. However, This Gang never damage any of the people when having such a lot of guns. This was just once, they become idols and obtain support from the general public. It was additionally partaking you and you bought to understand the individual characters of the heisters, similarly as who they were up against, what was the reasons behind their activities to do money heist.


This series offers a lot of huge messages. initial of all, “Dali” masks don’t seem to be a standard selection. Dali may be a genius painter who portrays a life that’s contrary to in style morality and customary customs. He has never accepted the dictatorial from society and therefore the right to wrong ethical codes. The masks represent this irregularity that’s prevailing in society.

Secondly, Red overalls represent – socialism. The wearers are socialist comrades and fighting for their equality. Mint and cops represent – the market economy. The faculty member is symbolizing the scientific perspective and accounting.

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Despite all the madness of those not possible heists, at the core of the show are the relationships between the characters. several viewers might realize themselves tired of the comedy. So many shows take seasons upon seasons up with a repetitive back and looking ahead to characters to get beside their love interests. However, Money Heist takes the time to explore real problems in relationships and the way couples will still conjoin while in pursuit of a career.

Each character is given a house to mirror and develop on their own in order that they don’t find themselves obtaining consumed by their companion. Money Heist may be an action crime adventure story TV series created by Álex Pina. It’s potential you’ll inquisitive about Index of Money Heist transfer links with full episodes.

Money Heist Plot

A mysterious man, often called “The Professor”, is planning the foremost important establishment heist in the historical past to carry out the formidable plan. Sergio “The Professor” started recruiting the best 8 individuals which were best in their work & don’t have anything left behind.

The target was to enter the Royal Mint of Spain in Madrid, the capital of Spain, and print 2.4 billion. To do that, the workforce requires eleven days of seclusion, throughout which they have to address elite police forces and 67 hostages.

Below the steerage of a mysterious man remarked as “The Professor”, a bunch of robbers, Tokyo, Rio, Berlin, Nairobi, Denver, Moscow, Oslo, and Helsinki, invade the Royal Mint of Spain and snatch 67 hostages as an element of their commitment to print, and escape with, 2.4 billion. But the things turn around when one of the hostages, Arturo, started to planting out all other hostages to rebel to get flee from them. however, In another scenario, Berlin turns devastated upon discovering Mónica and Denver’s affair.

Ángel, who’s come into being the case, is in a very coma after an automobile accident whereas Raquel’s husband found the Professor’s identification by way of fingerprints taken from his cider manufacturing facility entrance for his hideout.


Realizing that “Salva” is that the Professor, Raquel takes him into custody and interrogates him on the villa. The Professor admits that he has fallen dotty along with her, and she performs a polygraph check on him.

Because the police, led by Suárez, launched his missionaries inside the Royal Bank to capture the gang of robbers and free the hostages. The robbers run to escape with the cash they printed for the rationale that 125 hours contained within the Mint, about half with their deliberate time within the Mint of 11 days. Thanks to this, the entire cash printed was additionally under the deliberate 2.4 billion, having printed 984 million.

They say the best trick the devil ever achieved was convincing the planet he didn’t exist. Similarly, the best trick the Spanish television program Money Heist accomplished was convincing its viewers they were watching a heist drama: of a bunch of thieves breaking into the Royal Mint of Spain.

What the viewers didn’t know — they couldn’t have known really — is that they were watching a romance drama web series. Multiple love stories in fact: the primary flush of romantic love, the bond between brothers, comrades-in-arms, the deep, abiding connection between father and son. The heist, cool and fun because it is, is simply the staging ground. because the Beatles once sang: Love is all you wish for.

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Money Heist Season 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 Cast | Actors | Director | StarCast

Star Cast NameStar Cast Role
Álvaro MorteThe Professor
Úrsula CorberóTokyo
Alba FloresNairobi
Itziar ItuñoRaquel Murillo
Jaime LorenteDenver
Miguel HerránRio
Pedro AlonsoqBerlin
Esther AceboMonica Gaztambide
Darco PericHelsinki
Najwa NimriAlicia Sierra
Alex RodrigoDirector (Money Heist Web Series)

Money Heist review IMDb rating: 8.4/10

The Money Heist rating given by IMDB is 8.4 out of 10.

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In season 2, you’ll be amazed to see the move forward of last season’s story which determines how one can plan things in order that nobody can break. It focuses on a long-prepared, multi-day assault on the Royal Mint of Spain in the index of money heist season 2.

Money Heist Season 2 Official Trailer | money heist torrent magnet :

A strange man, Salva aka, often called “The Professor”, is preparing the foremost essential financial organization break-in the historic past.

To hold out the awesome strategy, he recruits a workforce of 8 individuals with certain skills that don’t have anything to lose. everyone seems to be the master in their own field. Professor makes the decision to rob the money from “Royal Mint”.

To make plan successful, the workforce needs eleven days of privacy, throughout which they need to manage elite police forces moreover as 67 hostages inside the “Royal Mint” within the Index of money Heist season 2.

In this whole series, All the blokes apart from “Professor” operates inside the Royal Mint and Professor handles outside situation. Professor is that the mastermind behind all this robbery plan.

In Index of Money Heist, you’ll encounter that, actual robbery plan wasn’t made by him but it absolutely was his father’s plan but the Professor was the main hero or mastermind to implement this plan in reality and Berlin was the leader of all other robbers to do the heist in Royal Bank.

Index of cash Heist could be a crime drama series which became the foremost watched Non-English series on Netflix.


As we’ve seen, all the robbers were called by professor. Everybody met at the identical place where professor fix the installation. They were going for robbery and this robbery wasn’t normal one.

They are not doing actual robbery but planned to form money inside the Royal Mint. Royal mint was the place where currency printing work accustomed done. So Professor need time to print the maximum amount of money as they want.

But In Index of cash Heist season 2, Professor breaks the important rule. He falls in love with the woman in charge of inspection who was handling the case of those robbers.

If you haven’t watched season 1 already then you’ll be able to watch and download from index of cash heist season 1

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In Index of Money Heist, the professor hides all other robbers’ identities by replacing their actual names with cities name. This was done so nobody can easily recognize them. Below we’ve provided the entire list of Stars with their actual name and role name in Index of money heist season 2.

Indeed, it’s love that’s everywhere during Money Heist Season 2. For those already wedged, season 1 ended with the mysterious and cerebral Professor violating rule no 1 of his perfectly laid out plan: No attachments. By falling dotty with Raquel Murillo, the lead investigator on the case.

Who with great care happens to possess uncovered the thieves’ original hideout and training ground, chock stuffed with DNA and incriminating evidence and has moved one step closer to getting her man. Pun pretty much intended.

Author sidebar the two: Both actors, apart from being ridiculously good-looking, are 43 years old. it is so refreshing to work out someone and a lady of the same age play each others’ love interests: As opposition Hollywood, which could have tried to sex-it-up by slotting a fairly 20-something because the lead detective (any pretty 20-somethings who take offense and want to debate this further should be at liberty to succeed in out).

Money Heist Season 1 Download Free Web Series | Season 2, 3, 4, 5 in 720p & 480p Quality | Watch Online 1

While Tokyo is that undoubtedly the centerpiece of season 1, the link between the Professor (aka Salva Martin aka Sergio Marquina) and Raquel, the girl he’s driving to distraction with cat-and-mouse games during the day and who is driving him to distraction with very different types of games within the evenings they spend together, forms the crux of season 2.

Her Character feels earned and authentic in the series. Also, The actors are absolutely wonderful in their roles and also the chemistry between them is off-the-charts. I found myself smashing the rewind button on my device quite once to replay their scenes.

The Professor shares very much the intelligence, the thought process, forth planning with a thief. Like every series’s mastermind, the Professor’s plan has some reasons to do it, that is “family”. As a writer, one often has got to create a choice: Not just what proportion to reveal, but when. Once again, the writers’ timing is impeccable.

Without giving at no cost an excessive amount, they know exactly when to play their cards. better of all, the Professor’s motivations not only be, but they’re also satisfying and a minimum of to his own mind, logical.. His emotion and his goodness, his insistence that he will hurt nobody and spill no blood remains his greatest weakness. Perhaps his only weakness.

Money Heist portrays the best character of two female actors – Raquel and Tokyo. See the globe from their eyes: Mocked, marginalized, and talked all the way right down to. Women who put themselves and their careers first. Unapologetically and without hesitation. Women who don’t must be pliant (easily influenced), pleasing, and smile prettily at the lads in their lives. It’s refreshing and well overdue.

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And for those with absolutely no interest in matters of the center, fear not: The action is pulse-pounding, the script is outrageous without ever being stunned and marveling.

I didn’t initially become emotional and attached to this Money Heist season 1 download crime-drama web series. It all started one night in April once I found my sister watching the show in our room. The very first character that my eyes laid upon was Denver within the scene from Money Heist Season 1 – Episode 4 where he was threatening his hostage, Mónica Gaztambide, and pulled a gunshot in her leg.


My sister then informed me of the backstory of this Money Heist Season 1 download Story, how Denver refused to follow Berlin’s orders in killing Mónica but instead he shot her within the leg as she allowed him to undertake to fake her death. Right away, I accustomed to and be very fascinated at how Denver – a criminal – still had the way of morality in him and cared about the girl who he just met. he somewhere heartfelt – the lifetime of a lady that he was holding captive.

The particular indisputable fact that Moscow – another criminal partaking within the heist – was horrified when Denver’s father believed that his son killed the hostage who speaks volumes. Not only it made clear that papa didn’t want to raise a murderer but it absolutely was also delivered to my attention that these criminals were quite their labels.

Money Heist is, doubtless, the foremost binge-able show on Netflix.


Every Person in this money series has a different story that motivates us neither good nor bad, but some showcase injustice in society. Some people have more cash and a few people struggle to succeed in the best of the month. Then it had been this show showing that also.

That’s why you’ve got more sympathy for the robbers because they didn’t need more money and coz they merely do what the bank does – they solely print some more. the good characters aren’t superb and also the bad ones aren’t very bad – rather like life!”

After my sister gave me an honest recap on what I missed (I shortly skimmed episodes 1-3 and therefore the scenes that I didn’t see in episode 4), I used to be immediately immersed in this very unique story. Money Heist Season 1 download accurately delivers the very fact that everybody has the potential to try to to good or evil in a very plot that has never been done before.

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The Professor aka Sergio, – The Mastermind – Role

Have you ever ever heard of a gaggle of criminals plotting for 5 months to not steal money but print it? that’s exactly what Sergio (El Professor) Marquina and his crew are all about!


Sergio gathered his half-brother and a bunch of seven misfit strangers to assist him to attain the largest heist in history – printing 2.4 billion euros within the Royal Mint of Spain as a tribute to his father who died robbing banks to produce the money to worry for young Sergio when he was within the hospital. He had each of his colleagues call his or herself a city name to forestall his or her true identity is exposed to the police.

The Professor efficiently communicated together with his team through walkie-talkies when guiding them through various situations to forestall the police from tuning into their calls and/or tracing his location. He outsmarted the cops numerous times – tricking them into doing exactly what he wanted them to try to. He even conveniently befriended Raquel Murillo, the inspector of the case, at a bar which enabled him to successfully remain one step earlier than the police’s agenda.

All of this was sort of a game of chess to Sergio Marqunia, and to mention that he was excellent at it had been an underestimation. His plan was flawless…until it wasn’t. the sole dent in his otherwise perfect plan was that he ended up falling loving along with his nemesis, Raquel Murillo.


And that was the show that took everyones’ heart all over the world. Right there so, Money Heist easily became my absolute favorite TV series – not only because I’m a whole sucker for the enemies-to-lovers trope but also the romance between Sergio and Raquel was so well-written. Their on-screen chemistry, in my opinion, is superior far and away to the other television couple. The sexual tension between them has been very alive ever since they started conversing because of the Professor and also the Inspector over the phone.

He quit renewing his ID at the age of 19, and he isolated himself for thus long that he practically became a ghost. He even admitted to Raquel that before he met her he didn’t understand how to enjoy life. However, being together with her now has finally given him a robust desire to feel alive that he doesn’t want to ignore.

Take a lookout at a brief explanation of this post before download. TO DOWNLOAD THIS Web-Series, SEE BELOW THE END OF THIS POST, Money Heist Season 1 Download & Read Money Heist Review Web Series explanation.

Raquel, on the opposite hand, was a victim of domestic abuse and has never experienced true love before she met Sergio. Sergio, unlike her ex-husband, was real together with her. Although he initially lied to her about who he was to stop his heist from foiling, his deep feelings for Raquel were nothing but genuine – even a polygraph proved it! The Professor legitimately fell hard for the Inspector.

Raquel eventually realized that Sergio is over just a “bad guy” and remains fine, in fact, the person that she fell in love with. it absolutely was only moments later after the clip above when she joined his side.

There are sincerely not enough words to precise the facility and excellence that these two possess once they are together. the foremost intelligent man on the show plus the foremost intelligent woman on the show doesn’t only equal an unstoppable team but also makes one heck of a badass couple. They really were the simplest thing to happen to every other.

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However, suddenly out of nowhere, In season 4 episode 6, it had been revealed in an exceedingly flashback that before the second heist (aka the mission to rescue Rio) began, Sergio agreed to donate his sperm to Nairobi in order that she will be able to have a baby.

First of all, the thought of Sergio giving his sperm to Nairobi period is weird as heck and almost appears like cheating. although he did refuse to try and do it the normal way, it doesn’t change the very fact that he would be having a baby with one woman while being in an exceedingly committed relationship with another.

One would think he would feel funny about agreeing to something huge like this, but clearly, he didn’t when he so casually declared to Marsella that he may be having kids with two of his colleagues. I don’t realize anyone else, but I failed to expect this relationship to travel in a polygamist direction!

The worst part of this, however, isn’t that Sergio agreed to try to do this but that he agreed without his girlfriend’s consent. If Raquel was aware and okay with this, then i might have a minimum of felt somewhat better about this example, but considering that she was completely left within the dark is outright disrespectful.

The Professor and Nairobi Relationship | Nairobi Money Heist


As his partner, she has quite every right to grasp what he does along with his sperms; as a pair, this was certainly something that they ought to have discussed before Sergio could even consider agreeing to.

What’s even more despicable is that Raquel did know that Nairobi was having a baby but was under the error that it had been from an admirer with benefits. Nairobi didn’t even, at the very least, own up to the reality that she was using the ex-inspector’s boyfriend for a child.

She also wanted to roll in the hay Sergio while being very aware that he’s dating Raquel. This tells me that if it absolutely was the opposite way around, and Raquel died instead of Nairobi, i actually don’t think she would mourn like Raquel mourned for her.

Living in a very society that’s pro women’s rights, one would think that the writers would give their female characters a way of dignity. What do they are doing instead? Regress Nairobi’s arc – having it revolve around her obsession with having a baby with absolutely anyone from the show rather than it being such a lot more. This subplot was also practically a slap in Raquel’s face as if her love for Sergio and her loyalty to the team meant nothing the least bit to them.

Writers haven’t managed to portray a hardcore role of Raquel. it’s such a shame to witness the writers mistreat the most effective character on the show. If this were reality, not one in every one of them would dare to induce on her bad side. Everyone knows that she can be a bad-ass that no one can think of.


Post-binging Money Heist, I used to be left in an exceedingly funk as most movies and television shows put me in nowadays. It really let me right down to watch my well-established ship become something utterly toxic. No couple is ideal – Raquel and Sergio have even argued some times in season 3 which was completely normal – except for him to not divulge heart’s contents to his girlfriend about such a significant matter was the solution of his character. it absolutely was almost as if the season 4 writers failed to bother to observe the previous seasons.

After doing a little digging, it seems that they presumably didn’t on balance. The Makers of Money Heist Series was originally wanted to be limited to only 2 sequels but after seeing the success they extended it to more seasons. In other words, the show was imagined to end after season 2 which gave us a happily satisfying conclusion to the story that began in season 1.

Netflix, unfortunately, wouldn’t leave this incredible series alone, thinking it absolutely was a rather “genius” idea to feature more unnecessary seasons that no one asked for. Considering that Money Heist season 3 was the beginning of an entire new chapter, the new writers that were hired for the new seasons probably haven’t seen seasons 1 and a couple of of cash Heist (there definitely were new writers on board in line with IMDb).

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All of this now makes perfect sense and totally explains where he’s shown heartbroken and frustrated when he thought his lover had died & he was helpless. While it absolutely was revealed to the audience that the police faked Raquel’s execution, it had been still very painful to observe the Professor grieve for her.

Álvaro Morte – who portrays Sergio Marquina – even mentioned that this was his hardest scene to shoot which shows what quantity effort he puts into making his romance with co-star Ituño’s character believable. Then, when he learned that she remains alive, Sergio did everything in his power to forestall her from being sent to prison and succeeded.

On the opposite hand, however, he was still keen on having a baby with Nairobi. She could also be dead now but that doesn’t erase the very fact that it had been visiting happen if she survived without Raquel’s knowledge and permission. If only these writers knew that Sergio is bored with lying to Raquel and doesn’t want to harm her as he told her within the polygraph scene in season 2, this subplot wouldn’t exist!

The Money Heist Song Bella Ciao | money heist download season 1

This song “Bella Ciao – money heist series adds the flavor of happiness to the series. Watch online below this beautiful song.

Money Heist Web Series Reviews: || Money Heist season 1, 2, 3 ,4 & 5 download

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