[2021 Updated] Top 13 Vlogger List of India & World on Youtube | Sejal Kumar | Mumbaikar Nikhil | Sahil Khan – you should Watch it

The lockdown is surely boring and it is dragging all of us on our feet. Sejal Kumar Vlog and Other Youtube Vlogging channel would be the best thing you can do while enjoying your life and sharing experiences with everyone in the world.

Lockdown has affected many people but still, we all are trying many things to let their minds and life run smoothly without having depression and mental problems. that’s why we have also written a deep post on mental health. Click here to read – Research on Depression and Mental health issues

So, what do we need right here?


Well, Watching Youtube Videos all day can give your boredom a boost, and surely it will be the best remedy to cure the blues that you are feeling during this lockdown.


  • What is Vlogger | Vlog meaning in Hindi
  • Sejal Kumar, Mumbaikar Nikhil, Sahil Khan, Mo Vlog etc.
  • Top 13 Vlogger on YouTube you need to Watch

What is a Vlogger? | Vlog meaning in Hindi

Vloggers are the people who regularly post videos to their channels or vlog. The Videos can be short or long according to their type of content for their followers. So, then the question comes –

What is Vlog & Where vloggers post their videos?

A Vlog is a personal website or social media account where people post their videos. Generally, videos are short and people feature themselves in the videos like on Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Vlogs are the new trending things in the digital era. People love watching their own favorite celeb lifestyles, working, talks, etc. Many videos of celebrities’ always trending on YouTube.

YouTube is the most used platform for making vlogs worldwide.

Top 13 Vlogger on Youtube in India & in the world that you need to See –

Here are some of the best and top Youtube Channels that you need to put on your list to get some pro tips from these famous vloggers –

1. Rob’s Channel (Mad Stuff with Rob) –

Watch the Rob Channel | Sahil Khan | Sejal Kumar

Rob has a home automation/tech channel, He’s performing on firing up ageing (8+ years old) Makerbot and using it to print PPE for healthcare workers, including an open-source design for surgical mask holders.

He decided to make a series of videos to point out viewers how they will print and donate PPE if they need a 3D printer or want to shop for one.

This one will surely turn your knobs and help you to have a good time while you are cooped up at your home.

If you are feeling the blues then you need to watch this channel right now for steadfast entertainment.

2. Gaurav Taneja (Flying Beast)

Gaurav Taneja, his daughter & Wife

Watch the Gaurav Taneja| Sahil Khan | Sejal Kumar

Gaurav Taneja aka Flying beast is a famous Indian YouTuber. Having more than 4.6 million followers on his Youtube Channel.

He’s a former Pilot in Air Asia Company. Studied from IIT Kharagpur (2004-2008). Apart from being a Pilot, he’s also a bodybuilding champion, and fitness and lifestyle YouTuber. 

Gaurav Taneja is now turning 34, and has achieved a world record of his latest YouTube channel – Rasbhari Ke Papa.

His Recent Channel of his daughter Rasbhari ke Papa got 100k followers in just 98 minutes and within 4 days, its got 1 million followers.

3. Nikhil Sharma (Mumbaiker Nikhil)

Watch the Nikhil | Sahil Khan | Sejal Kumar

Nikhil Sharma aka Mumbaikar Nikhil is also a very famous Indian Travel Vlogger, MotoVlogger & YouTuber.

Having more than 3.6 million followers on his YouTube Channel.

He’s turning 28, & is the best in covering all travel vlogs.

4. Sahil Khan

Watch the Sahil Khan | Sejal Kumar

Sahil Khan aka India’s Fitness and Youth Icon. He is a famous Fitness Bodybuilder, Film Actor, Fitness entrepreneur and a YouTuber.

Having more than 2.6 million followers on his YouTube Channel and 7.2 million followers on Instagram.

He’s known for spreading his Fitness and Bodybuilding awareness to all his followers.

Sahil Khan is now turning 44, and has got many awards in Bodybuilding. He also has a Health Fitness company with a brand name called Hunk Water and other Several Food Supplements.

6. Sejal Kumar

Watch the Sejal Kumar Channel

Sejal Kumar is Fashion and Lifestyle Indian Vlogger YouTuber. Having more than 1.3 million followers on his Youtube Channel.

Sejal Kumar is now turning 27. She started her channel in 2014 about fashion and lifestyle videos and some music videos as well.

She recently won the Best Vlog award in 2018, Cosmopolitan India Blogger Awards. In 2019, Best Lifestyle Blogger in Cosmopolitan India Blogger Awards.

She also has recently released her first song “Aisi Hun” in Youtube.

7. Tanmay Bhat

Watch the Tanmay Channel | Sahil Khan | Sejal Kumar

Tanmay Bhatt aka Co-founder of AIB Roast agency. He is a famous Indian YouTuber. Having more than 2.7 million followers on his Youtube Channel.

He’s a well-known comedian, vlogger, and YouTuber.

He runs different channels on YouTube – a Vlog channel, a gaming channel, and a Roast channel.

8. Gaurav Chaudhary (Technical Guruji)

Watch the Technical Guruji | Sahil Khan | Sejal Kumar

If you’re within the tech/product house, you would like to watch Gaurav Chaudhary aka technical guruji.

Gaurav has seen a large surge in views on his videos concerning Fitbits — individuals square measure learning a way to use their devices to watch their home travail routines and to trace different health metrics, like sleep.

This amazing channel lets you get through the tech-related queries that you have inside your mind. Is your phone not working amidst the lockdown?

Well, then you don’t have to worry anymore since you can just pick out the contents right from here and then apply it while you are sitting at your home.

9. PewDiePie

Watch the PewDie Channel | Sahil Khan | Sejal Kumar

When it comes to content curation then no one can do it better than PewDiePie. This amazing blogger is all about games and video editing that has been happening for over 2011.

It is all about the style that PewDiePie has and Felix is one of the known Vlogger in the decade of Youtube.

If you are sitting at home alone and want to watch something for fun and entertainment then no one better than Felix will be perfect for you.

This amazing vlogger helps you to find a mojo and enjoy the amazing video contents that he produces.

10. 5 Minutes Craft

Watch the 5 Minutes craft Channel | Sahil Khan | Sejal Kumar

If you’re within the food or preparation house, you’ll concentrate on getting ready meals for older individuals in your community or finding food products and alternative food around your home for donation to native food banks.

If you’re within the fashion or cosmetics house, why not facilitate individuals learn the way to stitch their own face masks at home?

This channel is all about finding the right technique which you can use at your home and have a homemade mask made in just a few minutes.

It tells you to cook well while you are sitting at your home or you can even have a fun-made color dye on your hair.

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11. WOW Decoration

Watch the Wow Decoration Channel | Sahil Khan | Sejal Kumar

If you’re within the style or home furnishings house, you may point out making an office. Those within the cosmetics house may produce makeup tutorials for a way to appear sensible (and natural) on a work-related Zoom decision.

Watch a few video series concerning selecting clothing to appear good on Zoom if you’re within the fashion of mode space?

This is often an ideal chance for creators within the entrepreneurial, finance, or hearth house to share their experience with a newly interested audience.

It’s fine, to begin with, the fundamentals. This channel is perfect for all those out there who are looking to enhance their day and make sure that they can do something creative while they are looked on their homes.

12. Lilly Singh (superwoman)

Watch the Lilly Singh Channel | Sahil Khan | Sejal Kumar

IIsuperwomaniII or Lily Singh as we knew is one of the finest content creators on Youtube and you need to watch her shenanigans.

This channel is all about mocking and about creating content which is up through the sky.

Lily Singh is a famous Indian based blogger who is living in Canada and she will surely put a smile on your face even in tough times like this.

This woman sure knows how to market herself and at the same time create awesome and banging music videos which are off the chart. If you are wishing that you can have a good time while you are at your home then Lily Singh is right here to the rescue for you.

This perfect content creator will help you to relieve out and make sure that you laugh and smile and have a good time altogether while you are getting through the videos.

Best MacBook Accessories for 2020 | Vlog meaning in Hindi

13. Markiplier

Watch the Markiplier Channel | Sahil Khan | Sejal Kumar

Video gaming is some other wildly famous hobby.

Gaming movies have constantly been famous and moneymaking on YouTube, however, they’re in all likelihood to develop even greater in prominence as greater game enthusiasts are caught at home.

With most seasoned sports activities on pause, even important networks like ESPN are airing video recreation competitions.

If you have a favourite game, file some movies and take a look at them out on your channel. This amazing content creator helps you to get through the day with the video games that he has in his sleeve.


We surely know that the lockdown is a daunting task and we need to protect our family and stay inside as much as we don’t want to.

This is why, if you are getting all worked up about it, these channels can surely come as a damsel in distress.

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