Proven Top 10 Ramazan foods to eat | Ramadan Month

Ramazan, also known as Ramadan, is considered to be the holy month according to the Islamic calendar around the world.

According to Islam belief, this holy month is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar which is celebrated as a first revelation of the Quran to Mohammed. However, The Islamic Calendar is based on the lunar cycle, so the date and time of Ramzan which may vary every year.                      

During this period, No Food, No drinks and No bad thoughts are to be consumed. Islamic practitioner; Muslims, believes to seek blessings, mercy, attention and rewards from God (Allah) by fasting from morning sunrise to evening sunset.

Food is only taken before sunrise and after sunset during Ramzan month (later we will discuss at what time can you eat during Ramadan). The pre-sunrise food before the fast is said to be ‘Suhoor’, while the food taken after the sunset that use to break the fast is called ‘Iftar’ that have very much benefits foods to eat during fasting. However, the Suhoor and Iftar both the food contain a range of snacks, dry fruits like dates, sweet drinks, healthy meals, desserts etc.

The “Suhoor” foods are so nutritious foods so that you’ll feel and sense the full of energy for the long day to be healthy and ”Iftar” foods are eaten after the evening prayers are completed at end of the day (after Sunset) to break Roza in Ramzan.

Ensuring the Digestive friendly mouth-watering delicious food diet, Full of goodness and taste, the food is taken either served at home along with family or inside the mosques or other likable places to make it special in their Muslim communities in this holy Ramadan month.

After the end of this holy month, Ramadan, is celebrated by “Eid-ul-fitar’, also known as the end day of the Fast.

Here is the Proven Top 10 Ramazan foods || Ramdan Diet foods that you should eat this holy month –



  • Roza or Fast (Suhoor) starts after the sunrise in the morning according to Islamic Culture
  • Roza or Fast (Iftar) usually breaks after the sunset evening prayer
  • It is believed that Prophet Mohammad (Allah) broke his Roza by eating 3 Dates

1. Jalebi


Jalebi is the most famous sweet dish. This dish gives full energy to the body to remain energetic the whole day. It’s a mouth-watering dish of sweet lovers. Jalebis are cooked at sweet shops, restaurants, and Bakeries regularly in India and Pakistan. However, people just want any events, occasions and festivals to buy it. In the holy month of Ramazan, jalebi becomes a more precious dish in market demand for the best food for fasting.

2. Drinks  


Drinks are a necessary part of a healthy body to remain hydrated throughout the day. Water, milk, fruit, and Vegetable juices or sweet water – water provides hydration to the body without any extra calories or added sugars. Drinks including milk and fruit provide some natural sugars, protein, and nutrients – these are very healthy meals to break the Roza or fast but avoid drinking a lot of drinks with added sugars.

3. Dry Fruits – Dates


Dates are known as the first food which is eaten by Prophet Mohammad to break the fast. Dates are considered as the natural rich nutrient, natural sugar, minerals powerhouses for ages. Dates help to restore sugar and salt levels in the body. It also works so fast to rehydrates the human body.

The benefits of dates on Ramadan diet are:

  • It is very much easy to digest
  • It helps in decreasing the feeling of hunger, prevent one from the overeating habit
  • It helps to prepare the stomach to eat food after many long days of fasting
  • It is so rich in sugar and energy, which restores the nutrients in the body

It is the best meal for ‘Iftar’ during Ramadan. You could include other dried fruits to your best meal like raisins, cashew, apricots, almonds etc in your Iftar Ideas recipe. which also provides rich fiber and nutrients.

4. Fruits and Vegetable Salad


Fruits and vegetable Salad are great sources of protein which are the best Ramadan meals for weight loss. This is the best traditional way to break your fast. The fruit has the natural sugars for energy, fluid, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals which makes your body refreshed and healthy in your fast.

5. Soup


Like the other traditional way of many cultures, Soup is a light meal to break the Roza or Fast which provides rich amount of fluid to your body. The soups are made of variety of recipes like Veg soup – made up of vegetables, Non-Veg Soup – made up of meat etc. and often contain pulses, cereal to get more nutrients is the best vegetarian iftar recipes.

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6. Oats


Oats are raw wholegrains which is natural source of rich nutrients and people could choose with porridge in your planned Ramadan health tips. It is the most recommended food by any nutritional expert to be eaten for healthy diet. If you want to lose your weight or fat-loss, it’s a necessary meal for you which is also made with milk or water to provide fluids in your body, or yogurt or overnight oats. You could also make it with fresh or dried fruit, nuts or seeds as toppings to enhance your taste.

7. Kebab


Kebab is the most famous dish all around the world especially in India and also one of the best Arabic Ramadan recipes Iftar. Pakistan, and middle-east countries while in Ramazan period its taste gets increases. It is made up of Chicken kebab or Lamb/Goat kebab. It has High fiber which is taken at breakfast – It provides fibers, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and extra nutrients. It is mostly consumed with milk or yogurt which provides fluid and nutrients like calcium, iodine and vitamin B from the milk and yogurt.

8. Biryani or Jeera Rice


Biryani and Jeera Rice are also one of the best Ramazan special food which are the starchy foods that have more carbohydrates in their property. People try Biryani or rice with pudding, with fruit or with Curd or other grains with dairy items. If you go for this dish at suhoor then make sure it’s not too salty otherwise it may make you very thirsty during practicing your fast. Biryani has many recipes like it is made with Chicken Biryani, Mutton Biryani, etc. To know more recipes follow this blog –

9. Dahi Bade


Dahi is the Hindi language word used for Curd. This dish is the best and healthy food to include during practicing your suhoor as part of iftar recipes it’s made up of Curd or Yogurt which provides many nutrients like protein, calcium, iodine and vitamin B. You can mix it with bread, fried chapatti, vegetables and fruit etc during Ramazan month.

10. Breads


Bread is the most common food for wholegrain options it has more fiber such as toast or chapattis. You can try with peanut butter (without added salt), cheese, etc. Bread is the traditional food at suhoor in many countries around the world

Do Fasting Help Immune System in Ramazan?

Many research have been done on the effects of Ramazan fasting and Ramadan weight loss stories. The results are quite mixed around the world because of the long time period of the Fasting and the weather conditions which varies from country to country.

The studies show Ramazan practitioners who have more weight or obese wanted to lose their body fat during Ramdan practice, resulted in losing Ramadan meals for weight loss because of the balanced diet and scheduled timings. If you wanna lose weight this Roza practice will definitely help in losing your weight.

According to some other research, theories said, during the Ramazan practice, it helped the people in maintaining their blood pressure and cholesterol and found in improvement in their health. While some other research said it does not affect or help more in these practices.

Here are the Few Tips to follow rules during Ramdan, also called Ramazan –

General Tips

  • Divide your food into three meals (Sunset (Iftar), midnight, and Sunrise (Suhoor) in Ramazan month.
  • Do not eat large amounts of Heavy meals having more salt to control your BP and to maintain thirsty throughout the whole day.
  • Try to eat Boil, bake, or grill foods for your meals.
  • Avoid doing exercise during the daytime; evening is better for routine to follow.
  • Do not intake a lot of food at one time during Ramazan month.
  • Always chew your food well.
  • Include soups and salads into your food meal plans.
  • Always try to stay away from fried and fatty food as much as possible.

Before Sunrise – Suhoor Diet Tips

  • Try not to avoid or skip Suhoor in order to avoid weakness and looseness throughout the day in Ramazan practice.
  • Take and Consume a good amount of protein.
  • Eat slow-digesting, fiber-rich meals (such as bread, fruits, Juice, salad, and vegetables) that will help boost your immunity throughout the day in Ramazan month.
  • Try not to take a heavy meal, especially if you go back to sleep after eating your meal.
  • Try to drink plenty of fluids meals, choose rich fluid meals to make sure you are well hydrated for the long day ahead.
  • Go for few carbohydrate foods for energy like oats, whole wheat, beans and rice.

After Sunset – Iftar Diet Tips

  • Consume your Iftar meal like dates & water after sunset and practicing prayer.
  • Try to consume less sweet food (like jam, honey, pudding, and sugary drinks).
  • Do not use the food scents or food colors for your meal as they increase your hunger.
  • Always make a low fatty meal (avoid fried food and baked meat, skinless chicken, or baked fish). Foods like samosa should be baked, not fried.
  • Try to avoid drinking more than 1 ltr of water or fluid daily after Iftar to preserve more water retention in your body that could affect your heart and lungs.
  • Avoid overeating at Iftar during Ramazan month.

what does Ramadan encourage and teach –

Do not worry more about the fasting human body will adapt and adjust the hunger as the Ramadan goes on. So the quality of your balanced diet is very much important, especially during Ramadan.

Do not combine fruits with other food meals during Ramzan Fast – Always break your fast with fruits or consume them after you have eaten your food. Fruits have properties like minerals, fats and proteins which also present in other foods, which may cause indigestion during Ramazan month.

Do not mix dairy products like cheese with peanuts and seafood with other meat meals – The human body is designed to digest one type form of protein at only one time. Eating more than one at a time can result in many complications to your digestive system during Ramazan month.

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