Research on Importance of Mental Health and Work| 5 Tips to tackle Stress

Addressing the importance of mental health has become the need of the hour following the unfortunate demise of a phenomenal young actor Sushanth Singh Rajput.

His Last theatrical release educated us on

“How the journey of an individual doesn’t just depend on the physical nature and change in surroundings but also with the levels of mental maturity”

We found the mere thought of helplessness in such a vast industry, very disturbing and extremely disheartening. We all pray that God gives his family the strength to overcome the loss and may his soul rest in peace. 

While the nation still mourns the loss of this young and talented actor, we realized the need to create awareness about this pertaining to the social malaise.

After intense research, we collected information on the topic presented it in our blog.

How External Factors like Stress hinder Mental and Emotional stability of an individual

So stay with us while we break this down for you in the upcoming sections. 



  • What is Mental Health?
  • Importance of Mental Health in our daily life
  • Mental Stability and Emotional Stability
  • How Stress affects and hinders Mental Stability and Emotional Stability
  • Acute and Chronic Stress
  • 5 Tips to Tackle Stress

What is Mental Health? and The Importance of Mental Health in our daily life? 

It’s the Pretty obvious answer is mental health deals with the state of mind of an individual and refers to the mental and emotional stability and psychological well being

Please don’t get confused between being happy and being mentally healthy.

A Mentally Healthy person would showcase high levels of self-esteem and self-confidence, be ready to accept difficulties and move past hurdles, and will always maintain a proper balance between profession and personal life, whereas happiness is a temporary state of mind.

  • Mental and Emotional stability is well evident among those who exhibit good mental health. 
  • The level of thinking and understanding is directly connected to mental health, thus proper awareness of the importance of mental health is necessary. 
  • To work productively, to tap into your complete potential, to be able to contribute to the society’s welfare are some of the checklists that WHO has set to define mental health.
  • To be able to do that along with maintaining mental and emotional stability and to be psychologically well – a healthy mind is required.
  • This showcases the importance of mental health in our daily life as the proper functioning of the body to do physical work is as important as that of your brain.

Especially during tough times like these, where traveling outside a confined safe house could result in contracting the disease which is at its worst, the need for awareness on the importance of mental health is high.

The follow-up questions that we will be covering in this blog are

“How mental and emotional stability defines the importance of mental health? and
what hinders mental and emotional stability thus making mental health disability ?”

What is Mental and Emotional stability? How does it define the importance of mental health?

Mental stability in simple terms means having control over your personal actions. To “never give up” attitude is an attribute that determines mental stability.

Whereas Emotional stability means to have control over your emotions and feelings.

Collectively Mental and Emotional stability would give you the knowledge to tap into your unknown potential and give utmost productivity in any field that you venture in.

Few Other Attributes observed among those who show stability are –

  1. Proper balance and consistency in relationships
  2. Multitask and handle situations wisely
  3. Lead a structured and well-mannered life
  4. Value health and don’t indulge in substance usage

It has been advised not to take decisions when you are emotionally disturbed because it clouds your judgment and thinking skills further lead to improper decision making and can also cause personal harm.

When an individual can exhibit the qualities mentioned above then he/she is known to be psychologically well. 

This is how mental and emotional stability is important for a healthy lifestyle and it defines the importance of mental health.  

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What hinders Mental and Emotional stability and makes “Mental Health a Disability”?

Increased levels of stress and other factors with its root cause being stress affect mental and emotional stability.

Thus making mental health a point of concern and possibly a disability.

Now after understanding the importance of mental health and how it’s correlated with other factors, we are going to focus on “how stress affects mental health and how to tackle these problems” in the coming section.

How “Stress affects Mental Health” and why should we pay attention to the importance of mental health

To understand that we will have to understand what stress is and also classify it depending on the duration of the problem

Stress in scientific terms is uneasiness and discomfort caused due to external stimulus thus affecting mental and emotional stability as well as psychological well being. Thus ultimately affecting the mental health of an individual.

It’s caused due to the combined action of the in Medical terms the neurotransmitters serotonin, dopamine, norepinephrine, and gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA).

Stress is considered to be mainly of two types –

  • Acute stress
  • Chronic stress

Acute stress

Temporary uneasiness and a sense of discomfort cause acute stress.

  1. It has been observed in our day to day activities that when one seems to be stressed which could be due to various reasons like excessive work pressure, academic issues lead to a hindrance to mental and emotional stability.
  2. Feeling of irritation, unease, and also sadness is quite common.
  3. This kind of stress lasts for a short time until the nearsighted goal is achieved.
  4. Uneven breathing and increased heartbeats are a result of acute stress. 

Simple solutions like taking breaks in between working hours, listening to music, going for a walk/stretching, practicing breathing exercises can help in ensuring a stress-free mind.  


Chronic Stress

When the feeling of discomfort pertains for a long period of time, this leads to chronic stress. 

It can lead to excessive production of Adrenaline and Cortisol, there are specific alterations done to the body with that of the immune system.

Thus lowering the count of white blood cells that protect the body from foreign particles and also increase inflammation.

The Reasons for this type of stress prevailing could be –

  1. Bereavement/loss of a loved one 
  2. Financial instability
  3. Family issues such as divorce 
  4. Physical and Mental abuse 
  5. Ostracism/social negligence 

If left unchecked, it can cause a lot of health-related issues like blood pressure, heart-related issues, and internal failures.

  • Loss of appetite and disruption of the sleep cycle are two major symptoms.
  • Loss of mental and emotional stability and loss of critical thinking are further consequences pertaining to stress.

Chronic stress can also lead to dementia, depression, and PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder).

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PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)

The state of psychological disorder caused due to witnessing traumatic or disturbing incidents with our loved ones.

  • Trigger points can lead to nightmares and further affect the mental, emotional well being.
  • It can also affect the internal reproductive system causing erectile dysfunction in men. 
  • Depression could result in suicidal thoughts and tendencies if not paid proper attention to.

Bipolar Disorder is closely related to depression which is a state of mind where there are extreme fluctuations in the mental and emotional levels occurring thus causing behavioral changes.

  • It results in extreme mood swings and shows similar symptoms to that of depression.
  • It is evident that stress disrupts the normal and proper functioning of your mind thus transforming your “best friend” into your “worst enemy” as well as your body.

This is how it could become a disability and thus reinstate the importance of mental health in our lives.


5 Tips to Tackle Stress and prevent it from becoming a disability

The importance of mental health or any problem, in general, can only be found when the issue is properly understood.

Sometimes the hardest problems seem to have the easiest solutions, all that requires is patience and will power to fight and to sport a “never give up” attitude. 

  1. Socialize as much as possible, sometimes opening about the current scenario and difficulty to your most trusted circle i.e family/friends could help a lot.
  2. Mental and physical support and unconditional love and affection will be really helpful.
  3. Suicide prevention and counseling NGOs can also be contacted for counseling sessions.
  4. Exploring new fields of Interest and learning new hobbies can help fight loneliness and depression.
  5. Traveling can be of great help.
  6. Knowledge of that place’s culture, heritage, unique cuisines, and naturalistic elements can create a distraction.
  7. Cooking is another hobby that you can possibly take up, for delicious and easy to make recipes do check out
  8. Change sleeping patterns and follow a structured diet chart along with enrollment in physical activities such as gymming, indulging in yoga practices for mental and physical fitness.
  9. Signing up for grief counseling sessions and involving in social causes helps to understand others’ problems as cumulative thinking will be beneficial. 
  10. Involvement in spiritual activities can grant positivity and holy vibes. The practice of habits and preaching by experienced leaders and gurus will cause changes. 


After thoroughly understanding the symptoms and trying out these following solutions, if there is no improvement in the mental and emotional stability and psychological condition then Consulting a Psychologist (mild case scenarios) or a psychiatrist (severe case scenarios) is necessary.

Awareness through social media and campaigns done by popular figures moreover social acceptance of this issue is necessary for removing this social malaise and ensuring quality healthcare in terms of physical as well as mental well being is also mandatory.

Implementation of school level teaching on the importance of mental health is to be encouraged with changes in the curriculum.

Also educating the underprivileged groups about the importance of mental health through speeches and posters would increase awareness.

Helpline Numbers in India | Mental Health Stress | Mental and Emotional Stability  

Indian helplines have been made available for suicide prevention and also to educate about the importance of mental health.

Some of the helplines have been mentioned below –

  1. Jeevan Aastha Helpline Number: 1800 233 3330 (Toll Free)
  2. AASRA: 09820466726 (Toll Free)

For more helpline number, you can visit below mentioned website link.

*These Information has been taken from the official website of Indian helpline for suicide prevention and counseling. 

Click to visit website – Indian Helpline

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